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Let’s see few of Spain’s tourist attractions. Once the principal mosque of western Islam and still known as the Mezquita, Cordoba’s mosque is one of the largest in the world and the finest achievement of Moorish architecture in Spain. In spite of later alterations that carved out its center to build a Catholic cathedral at its heart, the Great Mosque ranks with the Alhambra in Granada as one of the two most splendid examples of Islamic art and architecture in western Europe.

Building materials from Roman and Visigothic buildings were used in the construction, which began in 785, and by 1000, it had grown to its present dimensions, its prayer hall with no fewer than nineteen aisles. No matter where you stand or which direction you look, its rows of columns and rounded Moorish arches line up in symmetrical patterns. Narrow, winding streets; small squares; and low whitewashed houses with beautiful patios visible from the street fill the old Judaria around the mosque, a Moorish atmosphere inherited from its past.

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Seville Cathedral and Alcázar

It is the largest gothic church in the world, and has been an Unesco World Heritage Site since 1987, along with Seville’s Alcázar palace, originally built by the city’s Moorish kings. The Alcázar is renowned as one of the best examples of mudéjar architecture in Spain and is still used today by the royal family as their Seville base, making it the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe.
Valencia City of Arts and Sciences

A dried-out river bed in Valencia was given a new lease of life by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava when he built the City of Arts and Sciences, a cultural and entertainment complex comprising a series of domed glass buildings housing a planetarium, science museum and an open-air aquarium that is the largest in Europe.


Toledo’s Old Town has a rich history of coexistence between Christians, Jews and Muslims, leaving a rich cultural and monumental heritage. Sitting high on a hill above the Tagus River, the city is a stunning sight. Its winding, narrow alleyways, Jewish quarter, gothic cathedral and Moorish architectural influences are fascinating to explore.
Balearic Islands

Whether its laid-back Menorca, family-friendly Mallorca or hedonistic Ibiza, Spain’s Balearic Islands are a popular holiday destination for all ages. From partying the night away in Ibiza’s clubs to cycling around Mallorca and lazing on the islands’ incredible beaches, however you prefer to spend your holidays, the Balearics are the perfect location.

Costa Brava is one of the perfect Spanish tourist attractions. If beaches, landscapes, and tranquil villages are your love, Costa Brava shouldn’t be missed. Come here any time of the year to enjoy the pleasing weather. With various activities and games to enjoy, you’ll never feel bored or lost at Costa Brava.
Famous for: Beaches, Shopping, Villages, Local Food
Key attractions: Art Museum, theatre museum

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While sightseeing in Spain, tourists must visit the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao. The connection between the design of the museum along with architecture and collection that it holds will mesmerize the audience for sure.
Famous for: The museum structure
Key attractions Puppy Design, Tulips by Jeff Koons and Matter of Time by Richard Serra

Madrid to do things:

Located in a spacious neo-classical building, the Prado is the most important art museum in Spain. Its construction began with Juan de Villanueva by commission of King Carlos III in 1785. In recent years, the Prado has undergone a very ambitious expansion programme, and there’s a controversial new cube-shaped building, designed by Rafael Moneo and mainly devoted to temporary exhibitions. Among the most notable works within the Prado are ‘Las Meninas’ by Diego Velázquez, ‘The Third of May 1808’ by Francisco de Goya, and ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ by Hieronymus Bosch (aka El Bosco).

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