Barcelona holiday apartment advantages

When looking for a place to stay on our vacations, many people are clear about the type of accommodation they want: an apartment, to enjoy total freedom and privacy; a hotel, to enjoy the maximum comfort that it offers us; or an aparthotel, to enjoy a mix of the advantages of both types of accommodation.


At the time of creating Ruralsuite, our luxury rural apartments, we chose this type of accommodation because we had very clear the advantages that this would offer our future guests, so we decided to create a concept of accommodation in which to join suites of luxury with the services of a four-star hotel.


Thus, the hotel apartments or aparthotels offer all the advantages of a hotel and an apartment in a single accommodation, creating new advantages that only exist in this type of accommodation:


– Price: although it is true that the aparthotels tend to be more expensive than a normal hotel, since they offer some advantages that they do not give to their guests -which we will talk about below- this price increase is compensated by the amount of people who can stay in the same apartment hotel. So, if for example we find a group of 6 people traveling together, which need four rooms (2 + 2 + 1 + 1), if they choose to stay in an aparthotel they should only pay for one accommodation, and not four rooms different


– Freedom: this is something that is usually noticed especially at breakfast, lunch or dinner. When we stay in a hotel we are obliged to respect a meal schedule, and also to eat the food they serve, risking the possibility that we do not like such food. Besides, the problem is not only about schedules, because we may want to make a small excursion and we are forced to limit its duration by having to return to the hotel to eat.


When staying in a hotel apartment we can choose when we want to eat in your restaurant and when we want to prepare something in the kitchen of the apartment hotel, either to eat it in our own dining room or to take something to eat on excursions or picnics.


– Space: when staying in a hotel apartment we have an extra space that may be very necessary for some. For example, to have a room in which to enjoy a meeting between friends if we have traveled in a group, something we would not have if we had opted for a hotel and we would have to stay in several rooms.


In addition to spaces such as the living room, there are also others that are equally valuable, such as the dining room, where we can organize meals or meetings, or the terrace from which many aparthotels usually have.


– Services of a hotel: so far, the advantages that we have mentioned can also be had if we choose to stay in a normal apartment. However, the hotel apartments or aparthotels include in their prices the services of the best hotels. Some of them can be:


The cleaning service, so we will not have to worry about wasting vacation time cleaning or doing a general cleaning on the last day to deliver the apartment as we found it. Coupled with this are details such as not having to make the bed during our vacation.

Room service, available at all times to meet the needs of guests.

The reception service, something that will free us from having to move to an agency to find the key to the apartment, and that will also give a security bonus to the building or premises, preventing strangers to the property from accessing it. In addition, the reception will be open 24 hours to solve any problem or breakdown that is communicated.

Pillow menu included in the price, something we offer in Ruralsuite, and that can be very important for some who can not rest well if it is not in their bed.

Undoubtedly, it has been demonstrated that the hotel apartments or aparthotels are the ideal accommodation when it comes to enjoying a vacation, since as we have exposed, they gather the advantages of the most popular accommodation, hotel and apartment, in one. If you want to enjoy this new concept of tourism, do not forget to visit us on our website to learn about barcelona apartments for rent and aparthotel barcelona.

Cafeteria-restaurant, perfect both for a drink or coffee, and for meals when they do not want to cook in the hotel’s own apartment.

Private parking included in the price, something that many guests who care about their vehicle take into account when booking their vacations.

Laundry and ironing service, for those who need to go impeccable but do not have time to perform these tasks themselves.

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