Ibiza attractions and top destinations selection

Do you need to bath in the sun ? Ibiza is a perfect location to relax. What can you do in Ibiza? Cafe del Mar: On the west coast of the island, Ibiza’s second-largest town was notorious in the 80s and 90s. These days it’s grown up a little, but is still the best choice if you’re after that heady combination of beaches and world-famous nightclubs. Head to the bay during the day for the narrow sandy beaches bathed by crystalline seas, or to amble along the promenade stopping somewhere for a beer of coffee along the way and taking in the Columbus egg monument. As the sun goes down hit Cafe del Mar, which has been playing lounge music for more than two decades as guests watch the famous sunset. At night there are buses to the legendary superclubs, Eden and Es Paradis.

One of the most intriguing destinations in Ibiza is the island of Es Vedra. Located just off the coast of Cala d’Hort on the western coast, Es Vedra is completely uninhabited. However, it is steeped in mystery and lore. Legends tie Es Vedra to Tanit, the Phoenician lunar goddess. The island was also the spot where the infamous sirens tried to lure Odysseus from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey. It is said that Es Vedra is incredibly magnetic, behind only the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle. Cruises take you to see Es Vedra up close, plus they offer amazing views of the surrounding landscape.

Originally used by smugglers to stash their illegal wares, the C’an Marca Caves, in the north of the island, can be quite chilly inside and make a welcome break from the intense heat of summer. Filled with stalagmites and stalactites, you can take an official tour of the caves, and learn all about their history. The tour includes a light show around an artificial waterfall, created to represent how the caves once looked.

There’re a few spots to cliff jump in Ibiza because of the rugged cliffs that make up the coastline, but the best spot (if you’re looking for a lower jump that still gives you an adrenaline rush) is at Cala Tarida. The white sand beach is located 20 minutes (by car) from San Antonio. Look for the rock formations at either end of the beach and don’t be shy about climbing them. The rocks aren’t too high, so it’s a fun jump into the cool, Mediterranean water. Don’t forget to pack the GoPro! Read more info at Ibiza Club guide.

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