Bulgaria travel attractions and optimal itineraries

Bulgaria destinations and optimal itineraries? Home to more than 70 glacial lakes, old forests and soaring 2,915-metre peaks and ridges, the Pirin National Park is a Bulgarian national treasure. The National Park is a safe haven for many different types of rare species that use the Balkan mountain range for shelter. Large animals still roam the slopes, from brown bears and wild boar to gray wolves and jackals; this is a remote and wild area that is under threat from development by ski resorts. Spend your time visiting the unimaginably beautiful park by hiking the numerous paths, cycling among the alpine meadows or fishing alongside waterfalls. You can even stay overnight in Pirin’s huts, and find the famous Baykuchevata Macedonian pine tree that is said to be approximately 1,350 years old!

Best Bulgaria Itinerary? Rolling down from the pine-clad massifs of the Balkan Mountains and the Rhodope ranges to meet the sparkling blues of the Black Sea, Bulgaria offers everything from sun-kissed beaches to enthralling historical narratives, buzzing party towns to snow-shrouded ski resorts between its borders. In this guide to the 15 best places to visit in the country, we take a look at all the major hotspots that should be on anyone’s Bulgarian bucket list this year.

Prep the salopettes and wax the skis, because Bansko is Bulgaria’s most prized winter sports resort. With countless expansions and new lift projects at its back, the dual ski fields of the Chalin Valog and Shiligarnika that make their home between the fir forests here have become some of the most lauded in all of Eastern Europe. And even if you won’t be hitting the 70 kilometers of groomed runs on offer, Bansko’s rugged setting in the Pirin ranges and wealth of luxury hotels, hedonistic bars, jazz joints, cross-country trails and Bulgarian tavernas is sure to hit the spot! See additional info at Bulgaria Itinerary.

With traces of human settlement dating back more than seven millennia and what’s been hailed as the most awesome monolithic structure in the entire Balkan Peninsula crowning its hilltops, Perperikon is a real must for any history buffs and culture vultures making their way through Bulgaria. Before it was built up and fortified by the Thracian tribespeople, it’s thought that Copper Age priests used the hill for rituals and soothsaying, which legend has it foretold the rise of both Alexander the Great and Imperial Rome under Augustus. Today, visitors can come and wander the off-the-beaten-track dig site, while relics and findings are best viewed at the local archaeology museum in Kardzhali.

I think it’s quite amazing that Bulgaria is still considered to be off the beaten track for Western tourists, because the country has a bit of everything, and all at very affordable prices. The Mountain slopes of Bansko and Pomporovo attract skiers in the winter and the Black Sea beaches draw the crowds in the summer months. Sofia – the capital – is probably not the most beautiful city you can visit, but once you get out into the countryside and start exploring the gorgeous coastline, I think you’ll fall captive to Bulgaria’s special charm. Here is my choice for the most beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria… Find additional details on https://yourtravelitinerary.com/.

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