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Calculate how much you can earn by renting your flat this summer reported by Barcelona apartments. The Barcelona brand is getting stronger every day. Its double access to the sea and the mountain is one of the main reasons why the city is the number one tourist destination chosen by the Spanish. Now, homeowners in Barcelona have the possibility of taking advantage of living in one of the cities most desired by tourists.

How? By renting your apartment at HomeAway, one of the leading companies in the world of holiday homes and short-term rentals. Through a tool that they have developed from the company, it is also possible to calculate the income that can be obtained from the lease during the summer period in the Catalan capital.


nd the data is to think about it. For the months of July and August the average is about € 9,875. These are estimated figures, since the price may vary depending on the area or neighborhood where the house is located, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, or the total accommodation capacity.

It is very easy to find out how much you could earn by renting your flat. Simply enter and provide some information about the house, and in just a few seconds the platform offers an estimated value of what could be obtained for a floor of the described characteristics. With surprising benefits and with this commitment, many homeowners in the Catalan capital are discovering a treasure in holiday rentals for short periods.

It is very easy to find out how much you could earn by renting an apartment, just enter some information to know immediately the “approximate value”

In fact, last Easter the price of these rentals increased by 11.6% in the city, a fact that reflects the growing demand for this formula of accommodation compared to the traditional one. The homes for tourist use have been used in more than 2.7 million trips in the last two years, which represents an increase compared to 600,000 trips in 2015, according to the 2017 Holiday Rental Barometer of Catalonia carried out by HomeAway.

Likewise, those who bet on this type of lodging, hire on average a greater number of nights (4.8) compared to those who opt for a hotel (2.8), and usually spend more during their stay (469 for 320 euros) .

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