Scooter rental : travel at your own pace

Self-guided routes on motorcycles: Travel at your own pace with the peace of mind of an organized trip. Self-guided routes are the simplest and most economical way to make a motorcycle trip. The guarantee of discovering the most interesting points of a territory with the peace of mind of having a pre-defined route and reserved hotels.

These are routes prepared by Pau Vidal and Paco Villanueva, both with many kilometres and years of motorbike journeys. They select all kinds of points of interest, both tourist and route related as said by the scooter rental Barcelona agent.

For the motorbike traveller it is an excellent way to save time and money in the preparation of the trip, guaranteeing the success of a trip and the knowledge of a specific area. Self-guided routes are available for both rental motorcycles and own motorcycles.

There are three possibilities for self-guided routes: For free. The gps is used which includes a track with all the outstanding useful information, accompanied by an extensive route book with detailed explanations.

Scheduled. In this case, from PauTravelMoto we take care of making the main reservations (hotels, restaurants, visits, …) so that motorcycle travelers only have to worry about enjoying driving and discovering the area.

With guide. If required, one of our guides can accompany the group, thus providing an additional bonus of quality, accompaniment and personalized attention.

Below are the self-guided routes available if you want to rent a scooter Barcelona :

Andorra Grand Tour: 2/3 days. 511 kilometres, plus links from Barcelona.

Transpirenaica Catalana: 2/3 days. 550 kilometres, plus links from Barcelona.

Priorat Enoturístico: 2/3 days. 470 kilometres, plus links from Barcelona.

Empordà Mediterrani: 2/3 days. 470 kilometres, plus links from Barcelona.

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